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If things where regarded with a unique vision, there would not be recognition of place, of space and of time. The point of view of others allows us to have a clearer perspective of things, it helps us find our truth, our need, and it enables us to define our identity.


Our consultancy work enables you to find your Core, finding harmony and equilibrium in what is best for your space.

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Showroom San Miguel de Allende

Showroom Mexico City

Pila Seca 8

Zona Centro

37700 San Miguel de Allende,


Tel. 415 150 0186

Plaza Zéntrika
Lateral Autopista México - Toluca 1235
Lomas de Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa de Morelos,
Ciudad de México
​México 05348
Corporativo A, oficina 101

Tel. 55 52924332

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