Pablo Boneu

It is not easy to separate the work of Pablo Boneu from his personal life. He is an artist that uses different genres and expression media. His interest for the creation process as a vital experience merges intimately with the obsession of presenting finished products, coherent with their creation. Beyond filming, photographing, sketching or writing, Boneu creates structures, a very particular kind of structures, both open and closed at the same time. Closed in the sense that they have a rigorous internal coherence and open because of their quality to proliferate indefinitely.


Building with sight:

Laura Gonzáles Flores

Sight is the central element of the recent work of Pablo Boneu. As a theme for the photographic images, as the action done by the people that appear in them and as a reception strategy of the pieces. Sight is directed to that something, beyond the canvas, that strongly pulls the attention.


What are these characters seeing? Anxious for knowing, spectators rise their gaze beyond the canvas, but nothing. In that white space, empty, there is no answer to be found. Anxiously some spectators generate some kind of answer, any answer, a personal answer that is generated as a consequence of being unable to tolerate uncertainty.

Excerpt from “Mundo, mirada y morada. La obra fotográfica de Pablo Boneu” de Laura González-Flores (UNAM, Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas) en González Flores, L., Pablo Boneu, Individuos, multitudes y otras ilusiones, Terreno baldío Arte, México, 2016.


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