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Luis González Palma

From the beginning the work of Luis Gonzáles Palma has been a reflection on sight. How is it constructed? In our internal experience, a pair of eyes that see us steadily? How are interpreted, inside ourselves, shadows, brightness and all the geography implicit in each photograph? If our vision is created from the social and cultural, we can conclude that every point of view of political and that every artistic creation is subject to this judgement. The sight as power. To question our vision, and so, our ways of reacting to the world. Throughout his work he has tried to create images that invite close examination through, what he calls, “emotional contemplation”  giving sense to the images from their beauty.


In the first period of his work, he focused on creating metaphors through front portraits with the view of the character fixed showing their dignity, while making evident the fragility of their being. The face was a pretext to represent the human condition. Portraits in which solitude and emocional soundness could be perceived at the same time. Their sight, full of contradictions and ambiguities. The strength of vision is in confronting the spectators point of view with itself, with the same power as the spectator places upon the piece. For the observer, to discover one self there, in that inner vision, silent, accompanied by the immobile face that observes him, is to take conscience that we share a common destiny. A reflection about beauty as fragility, memory as pain and time as downfall, the photograph presents death with open eyes.


These projects, the most recent ones, have been conceived with the desire that the image contains, and in a way stresses the invisible. Fundamental word and experience that sustains these visual adventure. Like that which is what you do not see when you look, that which is what you do not tell when you speak, like all of those silences contained in a symphony, this work is an intimate and very personal attempt to give a body to the ghosts that rule the personal relationships, the religious hierarchies and those who rule in politics and life.


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