Enrique Rosas

Enrique is an artist that currently explores certain traditions of ancient knowledge with the new possibilities that technology allows. An important part of his work is establishing feedback between diverse disciplines and experiences.


His oeuvre operates from the juxtaposition or conjunction of pairs, the observer and the observed, the individual and the collective, the natural and the constructed, the micro and the macro, etc. A search in which every element is studied from a semiotic optic. A language that is not only interpretation but producer of meaning as well.


Rosas won the Colección Reserva de la Familia Award in 2015, showcased at Museo Jumex during October 2014. Aperture, void. The human being is constituted by a hiace, it is essentially divided, it is determined by what it lacks and it toils for the satisfaction of filling the void of the unconscious.


The imagination fulfills this objective, it generates, it invents, it sets the eternal effort for establishing relationships with its own image. A relationship is an alienable tension, a cyclical process that constitutes the secret of the raw material that undoubtedly comes from the same origin as the human unconscious.


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