Claudia Grajales:

"To search for harmony means being respectful, giving objects the necessary space for their appreciation. To enter a space and be overwhelmed by the quantity of objects is not my style, even when every single piece is beautiful. Good taste is a tool that enables us to appreciate everything that inhabits a space."

The touch of a look

The first approach to Artell's collections at Core, the iconic Interior Store in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, where huge canvases and videomapping will begin to provoke creativity. inspiration is revealed.

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San Miguel de Allende

Mexico City

Pila Seca 8

Zona Centro

3770 San Miguel de Allende,


Tel. 415 150 0186 

Plaza Zéntrika

Lateral Autopista México - Toluca 1235

Lomas de Santa Fe

Cuajimalpa de Morelos,

Ciudad de México

​México 01219

Tel.  55 5292 36 40

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