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Xavie’Z: Unique interior spaces creator.

Xavie’Z is a company dedicated to interior customization in order to create living spaces. They skillfully combine noble materials such as solid oak, slate, leather and aged iron to create bespoke kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, libraries, bars and indoor and outdoor furniture.

Each of Xavie’z projects have an exceptional quality thanks to its artisan know-how inherited from a long tradition od cabinetmaking. Refinement, authenticity, simplicity and elegance qualify their creations, always according to their client’s wishes.

The kitchens they create are places of life, in the heart of the house, warm and timeless. They are spaces for exchange and gatherings. Made exclusively for clients needs, seducing everybody with their contemporary aesthetic full of character.

Las cocinas de Xavie'Z son lugares de vida, en el corazón de la casa, cálidos y atemporales. Espacios de intercambios y encuentros. Realizadas exclusivamente a medida y seducen por su estética contemporánea y llena de carácter.




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