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Warli: Handmade by Nature.

Warli is the expression of a personal vision of living, a precise aesthetic of everyday life, of the quality that we would like to find in the things that surround us. Each rug is an exclusive thought that intertwines values and visions of exception.

Warli works on signs, materials and the way to translate them into contemporary tactile and chromatic surfaces. They process the elements of modern design, revisit the ethnic ones, celebrate the beauty of imperfect and impermanent things.

A project culture that mixes the permanent search for modernity with traditional techniques, craftsmanship excellence, attention to detail and innovation.

Warli chooses only the best wools and yarns for the production of its carpets. Their attention to detail is synonymous with quality products, made exclusively by hand.

Each rug is unique, as are the preferences of its customers. We actively collaborate in the design and choice of customized solutions to the needs of architects and interior designers. Personalization" is the added value of an exclusive, tailor-made product.


Plein Sud' is a line of outdoor residential and contract rugs that combines comfort and elegance, design expertise and excellent raw materials. It is a collection of innovative products for the outdoor environment designed with the same comforts of home interiors, for the pleasure of living in beautiful surroundings.


The knotting technique is a completely manual method, whereby the yarn is firmly attached to the warp by means of knots. The type of knot and its thickness differentiate the types of carpets made with this elaborate manual method. The value, quality and durability of the carpet are directly proportional to the number of knots used.


Hand-woven rugs may have the look and feel of hand-knotted rugs, but are technically less complex, as the pile yarn is wound around the cotton warp threads rather than knotted. With the aid of a special needle, the artisan threads and cuts the weft into a woven base to which the design has been previously transferred.


These felted carpets are made with a handloom technique by braiding one or more strips and threads. It is a type of flat weaving on a cotton base, which results in a very firm and compact structure. This technique is inspired by the traditional methods of weaving vegetable fibers that have always been used to produce baskets, curtains and other traditional objects.


A dhurrie rug is a form of hand-woven carpet made exclusively of warp and weft, woven and not knotted. It is also called "plain weave". The pattern or design is created solely by the weft covering the warp. It does not allow the creation of complicated patterns or textured surfaces like the other techniques. This may at first appear to be a limitation. But we have evolved the original technique by introducing additional yarns to the basic (low pile) wool weft.


The "Handloom" is a type of carpet whose production is carried out on a loom by means of entirely manual weaving operations. The set of processes makes possible a great variety of patterns and complex manufactures that can rarely be replicated on automatic looms.



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