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Piet Boon: Creating the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality.

Stuido Piet Boon is an interior and exterior product design studio operating globally. The multidisciplinary team designs private homes, residential and corporate developments, hospitality experiences and a wide range of products. The studio was founded in 1983 by Piet Boon and Karin Meyen in Ooztzaan, The Netherlands.

Their legacy lies in Amsterdam and nearby Zaanstreek, a region known for its innovative spirit and a “get the job done” mentality, which was once the historical “engine” that drove the success of the epic Dutch Golden Age. At Zaanstreek, painters, carpenters, bricklayers and other master craftsmen became entrepreneurs and trendsetters. Building upon this heritage, a practical perspective combined with the spirit of creative experience the studio was created.

They consider each design as custom-made and unique. Understanding your customers, their wishes, needs and lifestyle create the basis of their success. Their total design approach consists in four phases in which they guide their clients from preliminary and final sketch design, fixed furniture, aesthetic lightning plan, non-fixed furniture and upholstery to styling on site.




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