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Hechizoo: Fully customized artwork with endless possibilities.  

More than 2,500 fibers rest in the Hechizoo workshop. They lie there, silently organized in this huge warehouse, waiting for the hands of some weaver or new artisans to select them and turn them into material for the creation of tapestries, carpets, fabrics and objects that will travel around the world perpetuating these techniques and creations. Metals such as copper, silver, bronze and tin, nylon, cotton threads, natural fibers obtained from exotic woods such as yaré and cumare, seem to dialogue with each other and form an unusual dance of weavings every time Jorge Lizarazo (the creator) and his team embark on the creation of a new piece. The result: fabrics that boast a peculiar beauty, the result of unexpected mixtures.

The workshop, located in Bogotá's popular 20 de Julio neighborhood, is a sort of New York-style loft that houses 28 horizontal and vertical looms created and adjusted to the size of the particular demands they receive each day. It also holds the patient, artisan hands of 60 creators who enter each morning with the intention of giving life and form to those complex blends that Jorge Lizarazo has visualized in his mind. "One of the biggest convictions that gave life to Hechizoo was to give people back their ability to dream, to believe that they can live from the work their hands do, from the knowledge they learned from their grandparents, that it was literally possible to weave their destiny", says the designer, who has made of this huge space, the friendly and pleasant home of all his accomplices and employees.



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