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Effegibi: Saunas and Turkish baths with counting-edge technology.

Effegibi originates at the center of a history that is born from tradition and that reaches the most innovative future. Their story is about well-being and begins with the ancient rituals such as the sauna and the Turkish bath taking a contemporary look today thanks to advanced technologies and refined design. Behind this evolution, it is a company that has dedicated its activity only to the wellness sector since 1987 and that is proud to offer a production of fully Italian Turkish baths and saunas from project planning to final production.

Effe has become one of the leaders in this sector, gaining the trust of customers from all over the world, One of its strengths is the prestige of the technological solutions they offer, which guarantee products of certified quality, long-lasting which offer reduced maintenance and energy savings.

Well-being also means beauty and therefore they pay a lot of attention the aesthetics.




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