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Dauby: The finest details throughout your home

Door levers, window handles and furniture hardware with a unique character. Dauby manufactures in Belgium exclusive door, window and furniture hardware. The Dauby range is manufactured entirely by hand. First, the metal is poured into sand molds, a technique used since 3,000 BC. The products are then finished by hand. The sand casting process gives the accessories a rough surface with minor imperfections. The result is that each item is unique and takes on an antique, handcrafted look.

Innovative materials and style.

What’s more, they have created a number of new models for your interior: raw bronze, and raw metal. Dauby is reinventing design models from his period by producing them entirely according to traditional methods. They unites two opposite ideas: the contrast of thr austere, pure styla and the authentic look created by the sand mould casting process


As well as a wide range of retro fittings, Dauby has also an extensive selection of models created by top designers. Big names such as Big names such Philippe Starck, Dirk Ploos van Amstel, Hannes Wettstein, Enrico Baleri, Riccardo Dalisi, Marcello Cutino, Fabrizio Cester, Brian Sironi and Luigi Baroli are among the creators of the door and window fittings in our design range.

Discover all the styles you can find in their range of furniture fittings.




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