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Bliss by Core: Creating memorable experiences.

Scent has a psychological effect on the human being as it reminds us of experiences or moments which create connections between brands and personal memories. Smells act in our mind at an unconscious level, transmitting diverse sensations.

BLISS stands for "delight”, it is proven that the dispersion of strategically formulated fragrances awakens emotions and sensations in customers during their stay in the place. It helps create customer value which means giving customers a benefit for their home or office.

Today more than ever, wellness is essential, we value balance in our activities and in our spaces. We create experiences that promote wellness from a perspective of awareness and enjoyment, through design and products focused on wellness and health.

The Bliss by Core aromatic collection is composed of 4 different scents:

  • Wisdom Calling Nº15 "Awaken Your Senses" White tea, white flowers, sandalwood and aloe.

  • Inner Purpose Nº26 "The Sound of Soul" Citrus, thyme, basil and black pepper.

  • Soul Merge #08 "Healing scents" Green tea, lemon leaves, jasmine and cedar.

  • Mind Jungle Nº11 "Connect With Nature" Green herbs, woody blend and patchouli.

Each scent can be found in 3 presentations: Essential Oils, Room Sprays and antibacterial gel. We also have different diffusers ideal for scenting any space.

Create the perfect kit combining our different products and create unforgettable experiences.



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