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BALMACEDA: Customized rugs in size, shape, color, fiber and design

Every rug is woven by hand of expert artisans. A skill transformed into a millenary tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation.


Creation process:

1. DYES: More than ten thousand color options to create the perfect combination, in any kind of fiber.

2. DYEING: Every dye is acomplished with mineral-rich water, which helps in creating precise and long-lasting colors.


4. KNITTING / HAND KNOTTED: Variety of hand knotting techniques and qualities. Produced in Nepal / India / México


Balmaceda promotes social, economic and artistic aspects. They have direct contact with our weavers, and collaborate in the creative process. This enables them to procure and promote their communities and well-being.

José María Balmaceda is the Director and Chief designer. He is a textil artist from Mexico City. He started his career working in fashion and costume design, before finding his true passion: textiles. That’s when José María decided to work with indigenous textile artisans in Chiapas, in southeastern Mexico.

While looking for a change in his professional practice, he went on a trip to India and Nepal, where he discovered a world full of fibers and techniques he had never seen before; the real adventure began.

The roots of the artisans he works with are now deeply tangled with his own. With every trip to India and Nepal he is inspired by their Asian culture and mixes it up with his Mexican heritage, giving his work a multicultural light.



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