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Atelier Stefan Leo: Unique interior objects.

Atelier Stefan Leo has been building up a reputation for its unique interior objects. Whether a table, a sideboard or a lamp, the diversity of their craftmanship, the knowledge of rare skills and the vast variety of materials being used make each piece something very special.

The objects of Atelier Stefan Leo and their designers Stefan Leo and Hans-J. Pahl reflect the love for timeless lines and the playful approach to accept no limitations when merging the particular skills of its highly passionate team of craftsmen and -woman.

Their work is shown in galleries worldwide as well being highly valued by project partners for creating bespoken objects that meet their specifications.

Stefan Leo has made a name for himself as creator of unique furniture. Stefan is working for clients around the globe. His objects can be found in DIOR boutiques all over the world. In Berlin Stefan has significantly contributed to the design of the DIOR flagship store.

How do they work?

"My team and I, we create. We find new approaches to rather familiar objects, and often in random and chaotic processes. In our very own way we integrate all kinds of crafts and disciplines. We create new combinations in forms and surfaces and a large part of our work is hands-on experiments and is based on random chance."



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