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Claudia Grajales



Mexico City

San Miguel de Allende

Claudia believes beauty can be found as much in the ordinary as in the extraordinary, and is unique for every individual. She sees a space as the extension of a person’s essence. Her unique talent to find beauty and harmony by curating art, accessories, textiles, finishes and furniture in an eclectic contemporary way that truly reflect a person’s essence.

How do I work?

The founder, Claudia Grajales has more than 20 years creating spaces to live and work


Ideas flow from empathy and dialogue. I get to know my client as much as the space we are creating, for this way I can fully understand the practical an aesthetic expectations. Each project is created with care, craft and a purpose to elevate the standard. Please ask for a personalized consultation with Claudia or one of her talented designers.

Showroom San Miguel de Allende

Showroom Mexico City

Pila Seca 8

Zona Centro

37700 San Miguel de Allende,


Tel. 415 150 0186 

Plaza Zéntrika
Lateral Autopista México - Toluca 1235
Lomas de Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa de Morelos,
Ciudad de México
​México 05348
Corporativo A, oficina 101

Tel. 55 52924332

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